Write an ebook that sells

Marketing In April I decided to write an ebook, mostly as an experiment. It was completely uncharted territory for me. My plan was to finish it by the end of June, publish it in July and then…well, I hoped to sell a few copies. June came and went, as did July.

Write an ebook that sells

Possibly your first information product. If you are interested in writing an ebook as your first tier product, you are in the right place. In the first part of this seriesI talked about why you should create an ebook and why it makes a great entry level product so people can sample your stuff and are ready to buy your higher priced offerings.

I also talked about the eight big reasons which stop people from writing an ebook — even when this is something they really want to do. Hopefully, you have put your mind at ease so now you are ready to begin.

write an ebook that sells

Just to give you an idea of what to expect this is what we will be covering in this four part series: Why write an ebook and how to bust beliefs that are holding you back, Part 2: Choosing a fail proof idea that will work every time and get your audience thinking about it, Part 3: How to write that ebook already and get it ready for the world, Part 4: How to sell that ebook and build your email list.

I ended the last post cautioning you not to jump right into tor ebook creation. There is nothing worse than creating a product nobody wants to buy. You must, must be sure that your idea will work beforehand. In this part, I am going to teach you how to know for sure that your ebook will sell before you even write a single word.

I am thinking you fall into one of following categories: I have no idea. What should I write about? What would people pay me for? I have too many ideas. Which one should I go with? I have an idea but it is not proven. How do I know this ebook will sell before I invest tons of time and effort into it?

I have an idea and I am already halfway through the first draft. If you identify with any of those, know that you are not alone. I want you to stop obsessing about your ebook idea — right now! Let me tell you why.We are talking ebooks. Not the one that you publish on Kindle for $ but what you sell on your own site at $29, $47 or even $ Possibly your first information product.

If you are interested in writing an ebook as your first tier product, you are in the right place. In the first part of this. Nice – glad to see you championing ebook creation as profitable.

It definitely can be. My own (on ebook writing and sales copywriting) sells better than I expected. Interestingly, I lowered the price when the recession hit and experienced a decline in sales.

It’s now back to $ — for now. In I wrote my first eBook and officially launched it in October. Writing an eBook had been the #1 goal on my list for that year, and writing a book has been a goal of mine for just about my entire life.

Yes, it takes hard work to create something great. But it should pay off. Far and away, the most popular digital download is the ebook.

Following this strategy, you already know that you will get a finished eBook in 30 days.

How to Write an Ebook & Sell it on Amazon in 5 Easy Steps

You can then easily sell your eBook directly to your audience on . This way of writing an ebook never work in this age of information technology era where every new info gets stale the second day.

That is why it is better to solve a problem instead of . In the 4th and final installment on writing an ebook we explain how to sell an ebook and build a mailing list at the same time.

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How to Write & Publish an eBook and Sell It for Profit