Wayne williams atlanta child killer fiber

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Wayne williams atlanta child killer fiber

Murders[ edit ] In the middle ofEdward Hope Smith, also known as "Teddy", and Alfred Evans, also known as "Q", both aged 14, disappeared four days apart. Terry Pue, who later went missing in earlylived in the same apartment as Smith.

Their bodies were both found on July 28 in a wooded area, Edward with a. They were believed to be the first victims of the putative "Atlanta Child Killer".

On September 4, the next victim, year-old Milton Harvey, disappeared while on an errand to a bank for his mother. He was riding a yellow speed bike, which was found a week later in a remote area of Atlanta. His body was not recovered until November A witness said she saw Yusuf getting into a blue car before he disappeared.

His body was found on November 8 in the abandoned E. Johnson Elementary School by a school janitor who was looking for a place to urinate. He had been hit over the head twice and the cause of death was strangulation. Police did not immediately link his disappearance to the previous killings.

On March 4,the first female victim, year-old Angel Lenair, disappeared. She left her house around 4 p. A Wayne williams atlanta child killer fiber of white panties that did not belong to Lenair were stuffed in her mouth, and her hands were bound with an electrical cord.

The cause of death was strangulation. He was wearing gray jogging pants, brown shoes, and a white and green shirt. Months later a girl said she saw him get into a blue car with a light-skinned man and a dark-skinned man.

The body of Jeffrey Mathis was found in a "briar-covered patch of woodlands", 11 months after he disappeared, by which time it was not possible to identify a cause of death. On May 18, year-old Eric Middlebrooks disappeared. He was last seen answering the telephone at home and then leaving in a hurry on his bicycle, taking with him a hammer to repair the bicycle.

His body was found the next day next to his bicycle in the rear garage of an Atlanta bar located next door to what was then the Georgia Department of Offender Rehabilitation.

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His pockets were turned inside out, his chest and arms had slight stab wounds, and the cause of death was blunt force trauma to the head. A few weeks before he disappeared, Middlebrooks had testified against three juveniles in a robbery case. On June 9, year-old Christopher Richardson went missing on his way to a local pool.

He was wearing blue shorts, a light blue shirt, and blue tennis shoes. His body was not found until the following January, clothed in unfamiliar swim trunks, along with the body of a later victim, Earl Terrell. According to a witness, she appeared to have been abducted by two men, one of whom was seen climbing into the apartment window and then holding Wilson in his arms as he spoke to the other man in the parking lot.

By then the body had skeletonized and no cause of death could be established. The next day, June 23, year-old Aaron Wyche disappeared after having been seen near a local grocery store, getting into a blue Chevrolet with either one or two black men.

Between August and Novemberfive more killings took place. There were no known victims during December. All the victims were African-American children between the ages of seven and 14 and most were asphyxiated.

The murders continued into The first known victim in the new year was Lubie Geter, who disappeared on January 3. In March, four more murders took place, including that of Eddie Duncan, the first adult victim. After William Barrett went missing on May 16,his body was found close to his home.

The last victim added to the list was Nathaniel Cater, 27 years old. Despite the difference in ages, the victims fell with the same geographic parameters.

They were connected to Memorial Drive and 11 major streets in the area.The Atlanta murders of –, sometimes called the Atlanta Child Murders (although several of the reported victims were adults), were a series of murders committed in the American city of Atlanta, Georgia, from the middle of until May Over the two-year period, at least 28 children, adolescents and adults were killed.

Wayne Williams, . The concept of serial killing has become the focus of numerous true crime and fictional novels, television programs, movies, and various other forums that both entertain and inform the public. 1. Ted Bundy.

Although serial killer Ted Bundy was responsible for an estimated plus murders, there was little physical evidence to connect him to the crimes when he was arrested in 6 Mins Ago.

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Wayne williams atlanta child killer fiber

Wayne Williams was born in Atlanta in May In the midst of a rash of child murders in the late s and early s, fibers found on one victim matched those found in Williams's car and home.

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