Valley of ashes

This is anti-American dream. The only dream the inhabitants of the Valley are capable for is to get out of that place as fast as possible. Let us look at the first time Nick and Tom enter the Valley.

Valley of ashes

Etymology[ edit ] The park is named after the nearby neighborhoods of Flushing and Corona Valley of ashes, which are separated by the park. The name "Flushing" is a corruption of the port town of Vlissingen in the Netherlands. By the 19th century, the name became associated with "a cleansing by rushing water".

Valley of ashes

In particular, bays and estuaries were formed along the north shore of Long Island. During glaciation, what is now Flushing Meadows Park was formed just north of the terminal moraine that runs across Long Island, which consisted of sand, gravel, clay and boulders.

Several wealthy landowners began building farmhouses on the site in the mid-to-late 17th century. The meadows provided numerous natural resources for settlers, including timber, water, fertile soil, and grass and hay for grazing domestic animals.

The plan envisioned widening Flushing River and creating docks for ships, with numerous factories and freight facilities.

Meanwhile, the residential areas of Corona were expected to become the primary residence for factory workers. Degnon set up two companies of his own, one of which was contracted with the New York City Department of Sanitation.

Residential ash was collected via trolleys of the Brooklyn Rapid Transit Companyand loaded onto freight trains which traveled via the Long Island Rail Road branches, or other trolleys, which hauled the refuse to Corona. In addition, many residents simply threw out normal garbage along with the coal ashes.

Scott Fitzgerald 's The Great Gatsby.

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This included the Grand Central Parkwaythe construction of which would require taking land from the ash dumps. It was frequented by fur trappers, local residents collecting firewood and growing vegetables, and later, squatters during the Great Depression.

Two sites were excavated to create Meadow and Willow Lake, while much of the Flushing River was diverted into underground culverts. A floodgate was built to prevent tidal flow from flooding the lakes. The work significantly changed the topography of the meadows, differing from that created by glaciation.

Thousands of trees were transplanted to the fair site in order to create a natural landscape. The Grand Central Parkway separates a western lobe from the main part of the northern half, while the east-west Jewel Avenue bisects the southern half.

This was also the original plan for the Fresh Kills and Edgemere landfills, which remained open past their expected tenure and became large and long-term municipal waste sites. In Novembera water main running through Flushing Meadows Park to supply water to Flushing failed. Unlike the fair buildings, the pipeline was not built on piling foundations and eventually sank into the marsh and landfill.

The onset of World War IIhowever, delayed the project. The proposal was rejected however, due to concerns over the strength of the former marshland for building construction, the lack of "scenic beauty" in the meadows, and the distance from Manhattan.

The UN moved to their now-permanent headquarters in Clarke and Michael Rapuano were retained to tailor the original park layout for the new fair. Meanwhile, several new structures and attractions were created including the UnisphereShea Stadiumthe New York Hall of Scienceand Queens Botanical Garden ; the latter three were intended as permanent attractions for the future park.

Councilman Edward Sadowsky explained that this was intended to correct an injustice: Now, when there is something beautiful to be seen, there is no mention of the name Corona. The tournament was originally held in the Singer Bowl stadium renamed the Louis Armstrong Stadiuma World's Fair structure which was renovated and expanded for the tournament.

Other parts of the park were also repaired or expanded for the tournament, including the fountains of the Unisphere. It was built on the site of the Astral Fountain from the World's Fair.The Valley of Ashes.

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But in "Valley of Ashes" this astonishing gift of piercing truth is taken to a whole new level. The story is still excellent, the clever commentary flows, but there is an unflinching honesty here that really packs a wallop/5(46). The "Valley of Ashes" described in F. Scott Fitzgerald's novel The Great Gatsby is a fictional location said to have been inspired by the site of Flushing Meadows–Corona Park when it was still a dump, as well as by nearby Willets Point.

· The valley of ashes was the narrow channel through which the railroad traveler had to pass on his way between New York City and the resort villages of East and West Egg on the North Shore of  · The 'valley of ashes' lies between Long Island and New York and the Wilsons live on the edge of this area.

It is a desolate industrial wasteland, bounded on one side by "a small foul river

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