Tourism in rotorua new zealand

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Tourism in rotorua new zealand

How can that be?

Tourism in rotorua new zealand

On average nights for domestic tourist is 2 nights, as you can see and do a lot in just 2 days! For International visitors they are only spending 3 nights in Rotorua because again as I mentioned before you can do so much is just 2 days, but they would of just gotten off the plane and drove to Rotorua so they would have had a rest before doing anything.

The average domestic visitor nights for Rotorua domestic tourists has a total of 1, the international visitor nights is 1, which is incredibly low for a city full of things to do.

Hobbiton and Rotorua Geysers Tour

The amount of day trips Rotorua had was 1. This shows us that the tourists coming to Rotorua from other cities or towns just like to come and spend a day away from their own town. When more tourist come to Rotorua then more money is spent in Rotorua and the businesses are benefitting from that which means their company will grow and then more staff will get hired and so that means income for them and the business.

The main economic contributors to the tourism industry are accommodation, bars, restaurants, leisure activities and retail sectors. Rotorua is a great place to go to just get away from everything and enjoy the beautiful lakes that surround the island.

Not only does Rotorua offer amazing culture attractions they also have fantastic activities to do such as white water rafting, zip lining mountain biking and plenty more. The most memorable view you will remember is the remarkable view from the top of the mountain at Skyline Sky Ride, that is a main tourist feature in Rotorua.The vast majority of international tourist arrivals to New Zealand come through Auckland Airport, which handled nearly fifteen million passengers in Two percent of visitors arrived by sea as of Many international tourists spend time in Auckland, Christchurch, Queenstown, Rotorua, and Wellington.

Other high-profile destinations include the Bay of Islands, the Waitomo Caves, Aoraki. Rotorua, New Zealand - filled with fascinating Maori culture, hot springs and mud pools is a must-see stop in New Zealand. Find attractions and things to do in Rotorua.

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Eerything from New Zealand visa information and exchange rates, to which side of the road to drive on and what time of year New Zealand seasons occur. Rotorua New Zealand. Scroll Down.

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This Regional Spotlight focuses on the recent change in the structure of Regional Tourism Organisations (RTO) in New Zealand. Many of these destination marketing organisations (DMO) have recently been subsumed into broader Economic Development Agencies (EDA).

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