The rosenbergs should be considered as

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The rosenbergs should be considered as

Denno, Warden of Sing Sing Prison, denying a stay. There is no dispute that a stay should issue only if there is a substantial question to be preserved for further proceedings in the courts. The question which has been and now is urged as being substantial is whether the provisions of the Atomic Energy Act of42 U.

The rosenbergs should be considered as

Although this question was raised and presented for the first time to MR. We think the question is not substantial. We think further proceedings to litigate it are unwarranted. A conspiracy was charged and proved to violate the Espionage Act in wartime.

Accordingly, we vacate the stay entered by MR. We are entering this order in advance of the preparation of full opinions which will be filed with the Clerk. Stay granted by Mr. He believes that, in order to enable the Court to adjudicate these issues upon adequate deliberation, this application should be disposed of only after opportunity has been afforded to counsel for both sides to make an adequate study and presentation.

In due course, MR. This stay was granted upon such legal grounds that this Court cannot allow it to stand as the basis upon which lower courts must conduct further long-drawn proceedings. The crime here involved was commenced June 6, This was more than two years before the Atomic Energy Act was passed.

All overt acts relating to atomic energy on which the Government relies took place as early as January, If Congress had tried in to make transactions of and offenses, we would have been obliged to set such an Act aside. To open the door to retroactive criminal statutes would rightly be regarded as a most serious blow to one of the civil liberties protected by our Constitution.

Yet the sole ground of this stay is that the Atomic Energy Act may have retrospective application to conspiracies in which the only overt acts were committed before that statute was enacted.

We join in the opinion by MR. It does not purport to repeal the earlier Act, nor afford any grounds for spelling out a repeal by implication. Each Act is complete in itself, and each has its own reason for existence and field of operation. Certainly prosecution, conviction, and sentence under the law in existence at the time of the overt acts are not improper.

It is obvious that an attempt to prosecute under the later Act would, in all probability, fail. This stay is not and could not be based upon any doubt that a legal conviction was had under the Espionage Act.

The rosenbergs should be considered as

Application here for review of the Court of Appeals decision affirming the conviction was refused, U. Later, responsible and authorized counsel raised, among other issues, questions as to the sentence, and an application Page U. The application was referred to the full Court, with the recommendation that the full Court hold immediate hearing and, as an institution, make a prompt and final disposition of all questions.

This was supported by four Justices, and failed for want of one more, MR.

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Thus, after being in some form before this Court over nine months, the merits of all questions raised by the Rosenbergs' counsel had been passed upon, or foreclosed by denials. However, on this application, we have heard and decided since it had been the ground for granting the stay a new contention, despite the irregular manner in which it was originally presented.

This is an important procedural matter of which we disapprove. The stay was granted solely on the petition of one Edelman, who sought to appear as "next friend" of the Rosenbergs. Of course, there is power to allow an appearance in that capacity, under circumstances such as incapacity or isolation from counsel, which make it appropriate to enable the Court to hear a prisoner's case.

But, in these circumstances, the order which grants Edelman's standing further to litigate this case in the lower courts cannot be justified. Edelman is a stranger to the Rosenbergs and to their case.

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His intervention was unauthorized by them, and originally opposed by their counsel. What may be Edelman's purpose in getting himself into this litigation is not explained, although inquiry was made at the bar. It does not appear that his own record is entirely clear, or that he would be a helpful or chosen champion.Trial of Julius Rosenberg The trial of Julius Rosenberg, Ethel Rosenberg and Morton Sobell began on 6th March Irving Saypol opened the case: "The evidence will show that the loyalty and allience of the Rosenbergs and Sobell were not to our country, but that it was to Communism, Communism in this country and Communism throughout the world.

The Rosenberg’s should be considered as traitors. Amrit Parmar CHA 3U1 January 10th New York should consider every possible means to bring pressure on Rosenberg to make him talk, including a careful study of the involvement of Ethel Rosenberg in order that charges can be placed against her, if possible.".

Apr 17,  · With questions surrounding Ethel Rosenberg's participation in the transfer of sensitive material from the Manhattan Project to the Soviet Union, was it right for the U.S.

government to execute the Rosenbergs?

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Consider that most people convicted of espionage are instead sentenced to years in prison. the rosenbergs should be considered as traitors Essay  The Rosenberg’s should be considered as traitors.

Amrit Parmar CHA 3U1 January 10th During the Cold War, Americans lived in a society where the tension between the Soviet Union was at its peak in history. Julius and Ethel Rosenberg Samantha Toomey Ms. Bonner March 1st, The relationship between The United States and The Soviet Union after World War II was tense.

This time was known as The Cold War.

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