The history of a hobgoblin

Etymology[ edit ] The term "hobgoblin" comes from " hob " "elf" and "goblin" "mischievous and ugly fairy" ; "Hob" is simply a rustic name for the countryside goblin, "a piece of rude familiarity to cover up uncertainty or fear". The earliest instance of the word can be traced to aboutalthough it was likely in use for some time prior to that. Such chores are typically small tasks like dusting and ironing. Often, the only compensation necessary in return for these is food.

The history of a hobgoblin

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The history of a hobgoblin

Check out the Hobgoblin disambiguation page. Jason Macendale was a petty crook until he became the Hobgoblin.

Contents History Early life Jason Philip Macendale started out as a petty crook that took the identity of the Hobgoblin.

Macendale eventually became a very successful thief and got rich from his criminal ventures. Hobgoblin flew above head and took aim at Fisk. Peter then changed into his Spider-Man costume and attacked Hobgoblin. However, Hobgoblin had the advantage because he could fly.

Spider-Man then shot a web line at his glider which attached to it and Hobgoblin flew above the city in an effort to shake Spider-Man free. Hobgoblin attempted to use skyscrapers to get rid of Spider-Man but when that did not work Hobgoblin flew higher into the sky and began to fly toward an airliner.

Not wanting to get hit by the airliner Spider-Man let go of his web line and fell toward the ground. Hobgoblin then flew off. Hobgoblin claimed that the only reason he failed was because Norman failed to tell him that Spider-Man would get involved.

Hobgoblin also said that his rate would go up. Hobgoblin told Norman that he could not talk to him like he was some punk but Norman reminded Hobgoblin that before he gave him his weapons that is exactly what he was.

Upset, Hobgoblin left claiming the glider as his down payment. He used his glider to burn a hole in a window and flew in. He began to look around hoping to find something valuable.

Hobgoblin then found a secret elevator behind a painting of Fisk and a giant claw grabbed him and began to go up to a secret level. As the elevator stopped Hobgoblin flew out and saw Fisk sitting behind a desk.

He was soon surrounded by several guards. Fisk then threatened to have Hobgoblin killed if he attempted to escape. However, Hobgoblin just laughed. Hobgoblin then started to glide around and said that he thought Crime Central was just a myth like El Dorado or Shangri-La.

Hobgoblin told Kingpin to remove his guards. As Kingpin asked why he should listen to him Hobgoblin answered that he would tell Kingpin who it was that hired him. Hobgoblin then told Kingpin that he wanted money and that he wanted to become a crime lord with the same power as Fisk.

The history of a hobgoblin

As Smythe asked Hobgoblin why he dressed that way Hobgoblin replied that for centuries the hobgoblin has been a symbol of irrational fear and terror and that he wanted his mask to be the last thing his enemies saw. Hobgoblin then told Kingpin that it was Norman Osborn that had hired him to assassinate him.

Later Hobgoblin went to the high-rise apartment of Harry, who just happened to be rooming with Peter Parker. Hobgoblin then placed Harry in a cell and as Harry asked why he wanted him Hobgoblin lied and said that it was because his father is rich.The American writer Ralph Waldo Emerson famously applied the word's extended sense in his essay Self-Reliance: A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds, adored by little statesmen and philosophers and divines.

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The Secret History of Hobgoblins [Ari Berk, Gary Chalk] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

Professor Ari Berk returns to reveal another trove of magical history to his avid readers: the history of the humble hobgoblin. Every house holds a mystery. Behind the door/5(8). Other characters who used the Hobgoblin identity in the main Marvel universe during Roderick's numerous bouts of retirement include: Arnold "Lefty" Donovan, a small-time thug working for Roderick who had a very short, and fatal, tenure as the second Hobgoblin.

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