The alaskan highway pipeline project essay

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The alaskan highway pipeline project essay

Early life and career[ edit ] Childhood and youth[ edit ] Stevens was born November 18,in Indianapolis, Indianathe third of four children, [9] [10] in a small cottage built by his paternal grandfather after the marriage of his parents, Gertrude S.

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The family later lived in Chicago, where George Stevens was an accountant before losing his job during the Great Depression. Stevens's mother moved to California and sent for Stevens's siblings as she could afford to, but Stevens stayed in Indianapolis helping to care for his father and a mentally disabled cousin, Patricia Acker, who also lived with the family.

The only adult in the household with a job was Stevens's grandfather. Stevens helped to support the family by working as a newsboyand would later remember selling many newspapers on March 1,when newspaper headlines blared the news of the Lindbergh kidnapping.

Stevens also worked at jobs before and after school, [11] but still had time for surfing with his friend Russell Green, son of the president of Signal Gas and Oil Company, who remained a close friend throughout Stevens's life.

He corrected his vision through a course of prescribed eye exercises, and in he was accepted into an Army Air Force Air Cadet program at Montana State College. The Pacific Aviation Museum Pearl Harbor displays a collection of Stevens' wartime photos and souvenirs in connection to his flying supplies to the Flying Tigers.

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He and other pilots in the transport section flew C and C transport planesoften without escort, mostly in support of Chinese units fighting the Japanese.

He applied to law school at Stanford and the University of Michiganbut on the advice of his friend Russell Green's father to "look East," he applied to Harvard Law Schoolwhich he ended up attending. Stevens's education was partly financed by the G.

Bill ; he made up the difference by selling his blood, borrowing money from an uncle, and working several jobs—including one as a bartender in Boston. Ted Stevens survived; his wife, Ann, did not.

There is also a reading room at the Loussac Library in Anchorage which is named for her. Stevens and his first wife, Ann, had three sons: Stevens and his wife, Catherine Ann Chandler.

Ted Stevens remarried in He and his second wife, Catherine, had a daughter, Lily.

The alaskan highway pipeline project essay

Stevens spent many years living at the Knik Arms, a six-story residential building constructed in on the western edge of downtown Anchorage. In his earlier years in the Senate, he would often point to this residence when trying to drive home the point that he was not of means and had not achieved such through his Senate service.

Stevens's last home was in Girdwooda ski resort community located near the southern edge of Anchorage's city limits and about 40 miles by road from downtown Anchorage. The house was originally purchased as a vacation home, before Stevens began living there full-time.

Alaska Pipeline

Prostate cancer[ edit ] Stevens was a survivor of prostate cancer and had publicly disclosed his cancer.The Alaska Natural Gas Pipeline Project has been under consideration in the Alaska north for more than three decades. Finally the pre-work has begun.

According to TransCanada, which was awarded a contract by the state of Alaska, the new pipeline will originate on the North Slope near Prudhoe Bay and follow the Trans Alaska Pipeline System (TAPS) .

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Early life and career Childhood and youth. Stevens was born November 18, , in Indianapolis, Indiana, the third of four children, in a small cottage built by his paternal grandfather after the marriage of his parents, Gertrude S.

(née Chancellor) and George A. Stevens. The family later lived in Chicago, where George Stevens was an accountant before losing his job during the Great Depression.

Mackenzie Gas Project / Alaska Highway pipelines [NWT/AK] is a category for articles and stories relating to the proposed Mackenzie Gas Pipeline from the Beaufort Sea to Alberta, or the Alaska Highway pipeline from Alaska's North Slope through Yukon to BC and then Alberta.

The MGP would be km's long and take the largest untapped . Environmental Impact Statement for the Alaska Highway Gas Pipeline. THE PROJECT PROPOSAL The Yukon section of the Alaska Highway Gas Pipeline Project is a proposal by Foothills Pipe Lines (South Yukon) Limited.

It involves the construction of a large-diameter, buried, gas transmission pipeline and ancillary structures in southern . The Alaska Highway Gas Pipeline Project is a large dianeter pipeline system intended to transport north slope Alaskan natural gas through Canada to .