Magento rewrite accountcontroller

Click here to read more. Controllers are used in conjunction with routers as part of the request flow in Magento. The complexity of Magento, and the somewhat simple nature of the MVC pattern, can sometimes lead to confusion as to where certain business logic should reside.

Magento rewrite accountcontroller

magento rewrite accountcontroller

Bug — truncate temporary table crash: Reported by Doug Warner and verified by Shane Bester after a lot of testing. Note how fast it was fixed after verification!

Bug — Expiration time ignored. This memcached-related bug was reported by Miljenko Brkic and verified by Umesh. Bug — Can not stop mysql with memcached plugin. This regression bug was reported by my colleague Nilnandan Joshi and verified by Umesh.

Bug — MySQL crashed because of append operation. Reported by by already famous bug reporter and developer Zhai Weixiang, it was verified by Umesh and fixed fast enough. As you can see MySQL 5.

Reported by Zhai Weixiang who also suggested a patch and verified by my dear friend and teacher Sinisa Milivojevic. Just a couple of fixes there that fixed a long list of bugs reported by Percona QA engineers: It was reported by Ramesh Sivaraman, and verified by Miguel Solorzano.

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Reported by Roel Van de Paar and verified by Umesh. Several other bugs mentioned remain private and not visible to us: I am not sure why they are private or why the previous ones are still public, and for how long.

Now, only one replication bug reported at http: This bug was reported by Santosh Praneeth Banda and verified by Umesh. There were several other bugs fixed in several categories: It was reported by Leandro Morgado from Oracle and verified by himself probably.

I am always to happy to see Oracle engineers reporting bugs in public.

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Bug — Warning message shows old variable name. This was reported by Tsubasa Tanaka and verified by Miguel Solorzano. Good old build problem reported and verified by Shane Bester. Reported by Yao Deng and verified by Igor Solodovnikov.

This one was reported by Olle Nilsson and verified as a feature request by …yours truly almost 4 years ago. A couple of issues were also fixed by introducing new server behavior: Bug — Failed restarts contain no version details.Issue with Magento / AOEscheduler not sending core email queue Ended currently have an issue with our magento site not running core_email_queue_send_all thru AOEscheduler.

Possible issue seems to be with mcrypt, but not sure. class AccountController extends AbstractActionController // Keep the name as in your route's action, replacing the dash with uppercase.

// login-page becomes loginPage, and add Action so zend knows this is the action for the specified route. The latter node needs the before attribute set to Mage_Customer and you will need to create an with a createPostAction() method.

Depending on your needs you may or may not need to extend from and require the core account controller class. Advanced Caching Concepts @ Velocity NY 1. © AKAMAI | FASTER FORWARDTM ADVANCED CACHING CONCEPTS Paul Calvano @paulcalvano Rakesh Chaudhary @nutboltfilms.

All list of events and observer in magentosheet of all events and observer list in magento with class name and location that can let you identify event.

magento rewrite accountcontroller

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