Gazprom and itera

Tinker, tailor, cyclist, spy Thursday, 29 December The Katusha team has yet to deliver the results that match its ambitions and its budget. Joaquim Rodriguez and Denis Galimzyanov have had some good wins but for me the most fascinating aspect of the team is the network of people who stand behind the squad.

Gazprom and itera

The plan could allow Rosneft to put extra competitive pressure on Gazprom, and improve its position in the Russian LNG industry. While the Russian oil industry has lots of private companies operating in the market, the LNG industry has been dominated by the Gazprom monopoly for the past decade.

Gazprom has been under increasing pressure from its domestic rival in recent years. The desire of Rosneft management to split Gazprom is understandable. Rosneft's gas assets have increased significantly, especially following the purchase of TNK-BP, and a controlling stake in Itera.

Competition with Rosneft will expose Gazprom to market prices, as it will be unable to keep control of mining contracts and pricing.

Gazprom and itera

The Kremlin could agree to the restructuring of Gazprom as its monopoly weakens. Rosneft has already declared its intention to boost gas production to million cubic meters per year. Gazprom produced cubic meters in Recent reports said the Rosneft claims natural gas deposits also targeted by Gazprom, while previously Gazprom and Rosneft interest did not cross, as the latter got licenses for oil fields, while Gazprom focused on gas production.Russia's state-controlled oil company Rosneft is planning to take over local gas firm Itera for $3 billion, two sources close to Rosneft said on Tuesday, strengthening its hand in challenging Gazprom.

Itera Holdings Ltd. is a holding company based in Curacao (Netherlands Antilles) with investments in Russian natural gas, and US timber and real estate. Formerly called Itera Group, it has headquarters in Moscow, Russia, and offices in Limassol, Cyprus, and Jacksonville, Florida.

Itera was established in by Makarov in the US, under the name Itera International Energy Corporation. The business was started as a basic commodities trading company.

In , Gazprom was a Gold Partner of the Russian professional cycling team, Team Katusha, together with Itera, and Russian Technologies (Rostekhnologii). On 9 July , Gazprom became a sponsor of the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Super rutadeltambor.comarters: Moscow, Russia.

Gazprom will also cut 27 million cubic meters from its daily purchases from Lukoil (43 percent of the firm's daily production) and million cubic meters from Itera’s Sibneftgaz (24 .

Accessibility links Russian and British riders carried sponsors' logos at the Euro Championships Heiko Salzwedel has been told to return Russia to cycling supremacy. At the Olympics in Seoul, the Soviet Union topped the cycling medal table.
Subscribe to read | Financial Times Init centralized gas explorationdevelopment, and distribution within the Ministry of Gas Industry.

Gazprom conducted dubious transactions with Florida -based gas-trading company Itera and a Gazprom/ Itera joint-venture, Purgaz, in the late s, which allegedly benefited various management members and their relatives.

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