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Adesola Akinleye is an artist-scholar. She began her career as a dancer with Dance Theatre of Harlem, later establishing her own company DancingStrong. Adesola is a Senior Lecturer at Middlesex University.

Engd thesis ucl

Kieran Mulholland Obsolescence in Facility Management, Modus Services Obsolescence is a modern economic phenomenon that affects a range of industries. Academic research suggests that the impact of obsolescence-driven investments is set to increase as we become increasingly dependent upon technology.

This project reviews obsolescence management in the built environment, uncovering evidence illustrating its behaviour within long-life asset systems and developing methodologies to mitigate its effects. The case study forming the basis of this research will test and develop an obsolescence indexing tool and predictive model to ascertain risk profiles.

This builds upon current research with potential applicability to assets found within the built environment around the world. This technical and multidisciplinary research project is novel in its combination of the fields of asset or systems resilience with obsolescence.

It defines and applies communication techniques and technologies in healthcare food vending supply chains to increase the sale of healthy products. The project focuses on exploring the impact, implementation and use of communications techniques and technologies in the catering supply chain at key stages.

With this knowledge it seeks to reveal opportunities for improvements to the way communication technologies and techniques are currently implemented. The ultimate aim is to understand and influence service user behaviour at both an operational and strategic level creating a measurable impact on the consumption of healthy foods within Barts Health NHS Trust.

Despite promised benefits and multiple success stories BIM is struggling to breakthrough to appeal to end users — facilities management as opposed to design and contractor teams. BIM implementation requires a robust set of information management processes, but also a well-informed client that will facilitate the delivery of intelligent buildings.

As a consequence it can reduce waste, introduce more certainty and allow for more informed decision-making about the building.

You're using an old version of Internet Explorer As well as the traditional PhD route to a Doctorate, we offer focused doctoral training in the two specific areas of Photonic Systems Development and Security Science. We also offer the opportunity of a one-year Masters programme in Communications Research for students interested in a career in research in industry.

The pressure is on hospitals with increasing demand on mechanical and electrical services expected alongside an increase in energy required for thermal comfort. As behavioural, psychological and physiological adaptation of patients to their environment play a role in the amount of energy used — and therefore carbon produced — the research seeks to quantify causes in behaviour and effect on energy consumption.

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The aim is to produce a usable metric that FM can use to reduce emissions which will form the framework for a combined strategy of user engagement and smarter controls helping the NHS achieve its carbon targets. The case study will take place at UCL Hospital, focusing on the interoperability between the BIM information system and IoT, and the impact of this integration on the efficiency and effectiveness of facility management services.

Engd thesis ucl

Jack Street Lifecycle Cost Analysis and Assessment of Building Technologies, Modus Services This PhD thesis will utilise building energy usage in order to compare the life cycle cost and life cycle assessment of different technologies to be retrofitted within commercial buildings.

A set of different options will be measured against each other in terms of capital expenditure, incurred financial savings, and total life-cycle evaluation through purchase, installation and on-going monitoring.

The aim is to draw a conclusion on which technology is superior when retrofitting commercial buildings from a low-energy perspective.With radical new technologies and materials at our disposal, present generations have the tools to shape the future of the urban environment.

The UCL EngD in Urban Sustainability and Resilience will produce a new class of professional engineer equipped practically and intellectually to lead this adventure.

Degree abbreviations are used as an alternative way to specify an academic degree instead of spelling out the title in full, such as in reference books such as Who's Who and on business rutadeltambor.com degree titles have more than one possible abbreviation, with the .

The EngD is a four-year graduate programme intended for the UK’s leading researchers who aspire to key technical and/or managerial positions. A standard EngD VEIV programme runs for four years commencing in late September.

Students spend blocks of time at UCL and at an industrial partner. In year. Milestone 1: Submit First Year EngD Report DEADLINE: End of Month First Year EngD Reports should be approximately pages. You should give a detailed report of work completed, and show how the thesis hypothesis .

DDent, EngD, or IOE DEdPsy candidates should leave this section blank. If you first registered at UCL before September or at the Institute of Education before September , you may be eligible for a University of London award.

You can browse all postgraduate courses through the UCL Graduate Prospectus. Material on the practicalities of living in London, scholarships, fees and arrangements for part-time study can also be found on the UCL Prospective Student pages.

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