Conformity as described in doris lessings article group minds

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Conformity as described in doris lessings article group minds

European medieval art, philosophy and literature were significantly shaped by French culture and its intellectual and literary achievements. This reference work, for the first time in the history of literary studies, provides a comprehensive overview of language elements, poetic forms and genres, motifs, themes and works of the German and Dutch medieval literature between about andwhich were based on influences and models from France.

Das Verfasserlexikon stellt in rund alphabetisch geordneten Artikeln die gesamte deutsche Literatur des Mittelalters dar. This affordable paperback edition contains volumes 1—11 of the hardcover edition.

It is identical in content and pages, but does not include the index volumes. Jedes Jahr erscheinen ein bis zwei Lieferungen. The two-volume reference work is an important part of the renowned Verfasserlexikon zur deutschen Literatur des Mittelalters and, using the established systematics of the main work, documents and presents bio-bibliographical articles from Latin literature and science in the German-speaking area between and Through the this lexikon an important phase of German literary history, which is still terra incognita to a great extent, has been made comprehensively accessible.

The aim is to make visible the actual dimensions of literary life between and beyond what is commonly known and beyond the German-Latin language boundary. Hence, the dictionary is a meaningful addition to the preceding dictionary on German literature of the Middle Ages and on German Humanism —giving readers a wide perspective as it leads them into the crisis zone of the beginning modern age.

Beschrieben werden die Drucke bis zur ersten Textseite. Alle Aufnahmen beruhen auf Autopsie. It compares the rich stock of narrative material from the most diverse ethnic groups transmitted orally and through the medium of literature, and presents its social, historical, psychological, and religious backgrounds.

In addition, it provides evidence of the titles and performances of works performed but not published insofar as these can be established from repertoire documents, contemporary reviews, periodicals etc or from research into regional or theatrical history.

The prints are described up to the first page of text. All entries are based on personal observation. Hoffmann Leben — Werk — Wirkung E. Hoffmann — was a universally gifted artist, musician, lawyer and writer whose fantastic tales and romantic fairy stories have had a decisive influence on world literature.

This handbook reflects the current state of research with information on the wide diversity of his fields of activity, on the historical and aesthetic prerequisites for his literary, musical and legal work, on the individual works themselves, on the history of their reception and on systematic aspects such as mediality, poetics, character drawing etc.

In addition, it provides a comprehensive bibliography together with short biographies of people connected with Hoffmann. Since the s Rolf Dieter Brinkmann — has been considered to be one of the most innovative German poets.

Writers and literary scholars, among them a number of renowned Brinkmann experts, provide a comprehensive and reliable overview of the current knowledge on Brinkmann. However, Ernst Bloch, the originator of this notion, did not long for failure but rather for fulfillment.

His philosophy focuses on a humane society; his conceptual instruments aid in understanding human existence in its possibilities, not only with regard to society, but also with regard to art, religion and nature.

Conformity as described in doris lessings article group minds

Genre terms such as autobiography, ballad, epic or fable are much-debated key categories in literary studies and in linguistics. Considering the multifaceted meanings of the terms, this lexicon provides a well-founded presentation in keywords of the present state of research and provides impulses for the further development of genre theory and genre historiography.

Each entry defines the respective genre, gives a short historical overview on the term, explains the different research positions and contains bibliographical references.

Der Begriff der Literatur wird sehr weit gefasst, deshalb sind neben den Autoren der klassischen Gattungen auch Vertreter anderer Fachgebiete verzeichnet. It spans a period from the Early Middle Ages to most recent times.Bucharest | Romania. Browse thousands of essays from our giant database of academic papers.

Find assignments like Example source Answers for usefu. DESCRIPTION. This is a huge collection of my notes, papers, etc from my early college years (when I was still a child). Inside you will find extensive writings on various topics, including: adolescent and child psychology, creative writing, English 1 and English 2, contemporary fiction, children's literature, sociology, biology, economics and comparative religion (philosophy).

I have described briefly in a former article the origin, growth, and effects of that remarkable movement which, beginning within the Church itself and seeking to establish loftier claims for her than she had long put forward, ended by convulsing her in a manner more troublous than any religious crisis which had occurred since the Reformation.

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