Chinese immigrants in italy

This route has become gradually more prominent as people flows through other routes to the EU gradually faded and political turmoil in Libya caused a general weakening of borders and coastal control, opening opportunities to people smuggling organisations. The principal destination for sea crossings boats and rafts are the southernmost Italian territories, the Pelagie Islands. The close distance between these islands and the African mainland has caused people smuggling organisations to employ boats and rafts otherwise hardly seaworthy, generally vastly filled above their capacity.

Chinese immigrants in italy

Chinese immigrants: The second largest foreign-born group in Canada

Tens of thousands of Chinese live in Prato, a satellite town of Florencewith many working in sweatshop conditions in factories that produce clothing, handbags and fashion accessories. Officers raided nine locations as part of the investigation into racially-motivated violence and criminal association, seizing iron bars and baseball bats.

Tensions have been high all week among the Chinese community, which is accused of showing little interest in integrating into Italian society. On Wednesday hundreds of Chinese migrants clashed with riot police in nearby Sesto Fiorentino, throwing bottles and stones.

Police responded with baton charges. The immigrants were angry over health and safety checks on textile factories carried out by the authorities and complained of unfair harassment.

Chinese immigrants in italy

Concerns over overcrowded working conditions came to a head in when a fire broke out in a clothing factory in Prato, leaving seven people dead. The blaze broke out in a loft where migrant workers slept. They were unable to escape because there were bars on the windows of the building.

While Prato is officially home to around 15, Chinese, the authorities believe the real number could be as high as 50, Many are suspected of being illegal immigrants who do not declare themselves to the authorities.The Chinese began migrating to Italy about 30 years ago but numbers have swelled in the past decade, bringing the total population to about , Most wound up in the garment trade, doing.

This year, Chinese immigrants in Italy sent home a whopping billion euros, about $ billion, an impressive share of all 6 billion euros in . City Making and Global Labor Regimes: Chinese Immigrants and Italy's Fast Fashion Industry - Kindle edition by Antonella Ceccagno.

Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading City Making and Global Labor Regimes: Chinese Immigrants . Chinese immigrants in one of Europe’s biggest Chinatowns were accused of carrying out vigilante attacks on other foreigners as police conducted raids on Author: Nick Squires.

Tensions had been rising in the town, Italy’s textile capital, that has attracted Chinese immigrants since the mids. Some 50, Chinese work in the area, making clothes and handbags with. By today, the Chinese migrant community shows the strongest entrepreneurial aptitude, and, according to recent national data, account for the largest number of small business owners among non-European Union (EU) immigrants in Italy.

Chinese immigrants in italy
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