British airways human resources management strategy

Workplace flexibility mainly includes different organizational activities, policies and practices which are been introduced with the emergence of the employee and the employer needs particularly. With the purpose to fulfill the needs of the business and avail profits, the organizations in the present times are introducing the concepts of flexibility rapidly.

British airways human resources management strategy

Two main events led British Airways to adopt its current strategy. The second being the strategic turn-around in that lead to the definition of a new mission to address four key areas: The universalist approach described by Guest as a one size fits all i.

Delery and DoryPfeffer but some others are also questioning how easy it may be to shift focus of the organisation Whipp and even to achieve the goals Purcell The fit or contingency approach that can be found in Fombrun et al is based on both internal and external fit and focus on selection, appraisal, development and reward.

This model has been criticised mainly because of its one-way relationship with organisational strategy. The resourced-based approach Boxall is built on attributes of resources. HRM model used by British Airways The aspects depicted in the previous paragraph show that the internal resources are linked KPIs, ownership, etc… including the human resources.

As described above we also realise that human values are in the middle of British Airways strategy. To substantiate this Parkerlet us go back to the mid-nineties when the group started a portfolio analysis and defined the level of criticality of its operations.

Based on this review, decision has been made to outsource resources including human resources that are not key to the core business. As other major corporations, they retained the strategic components VRIN and outsourced the routine activities.

This decision helping the group to achieve outsourcing goals i. Limitations of the Resource-based model There is no perfect model, or else there would only be one.

British airways human resources management strategy

But what are the ones of this model used by British Airways? Burnes mentions the lack of empirical support and also the complexity and ambiguousness of the resources definition. By design, the model is more focusing to the internal resources than on the external competition e.

There is also little evidence that many firms have adopted the model.

British airways human resources management strategy

Conclusion British Airways is implementing a model that, even if not perfect, should give a long-term competitive advantage against the competition by its resources heterogeneity and deployment of the key resources to increase the returns. To deliver these objectives five main streams have been developed to build the business plan i.

These streams are colleagues, partnership, performance, excellence and customer. Each of them is measured since and allow a close monitoring of delivery.

Human Resources support to corporate strategies We can indeed talk of a fit relationship between business and HR strategy.

The fit model Torrington, Hall and Taylor recognises the important of the human resources employees in the achievements of the company i. This tells that we have a top-down approach from the board and that HR will have to respond to the business strategy by defining its own strategy to support the business goals.

What does that mean in details for our five strategic business objectives? On the other delivering an outstanding service, specific training as for instance service with style and also have a reward scheme.

Thirdly to grow in key global cities, the strategy here will be to do this not only through under British Airways payroll employees but also use partnerships expanding airlines network to fill these new positions. For building on their leading position in London, it is important to centralise core processes and skilled employees in London to make this a sustainable position.


To improve margins and develop new streams, a specific strategy will have to take place to develop actions in the group in order to get creativity and this including external resources too.

There will be emphasis on the front-line leaders and this strategy will also be reflected in the reward scheme and a performance-related pay British Airways Plc. Looking at the Explore our working world website British Airways Plc.

Conclusion British Airways did define clear strategic objectives and did adapt their HR management to support the delivery of its goals.Now that we have a better view on the company’s characteristics, we can develop the two folds of the question, critical evaluation of British Airways HR management and analysis of the fit between the organisation’s human resources and corporate strategies.

How British Airways managing human resources would be helping in evaluating the Guest’s model of HRM and would conduct a comparison amid the different definition of HRM, personnel and IR practices by Storey. It would also evaluate the flexibility model which could be applied in an organisation.

Opportunities at British Airways Head Office cover the widest range of roles, spread over multiple locations, in the UK and internationally.

Each and every function has a pivotal part to play in enhancing our premium brand and delivering our ambitious goals. Human Resource Management at British Airways: Print Reference Now I am going to discuss in details how these objectives were achieved over the period by the effective management of Human Resources at British Air Ways and how these activities can be linked to different types of HRM models.

British Airways. Mission and strategy. According. 24 / British Airways /09 Annual Report and Accounts In an incredibly tough trading environment we have to focus hard on pulling ourselves through the immediate crisis, while preparing the business for better economic times.

Human Resource Management — British Airways. The organization faces several issues that would influence the practices of human resources.

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