Bright futures scholarship essay requirements

They were an exceptional year group in showing dedication, organisation, resilience and taking up opportunities.

Bright futures scholarship essay requirements

This requires students to look beyond themselves and reach out to an issue faced by our society i. Although these hours are not recorded on the transcript, students can keep a log of these activities for use when applying for college, job applications, awards and scholarships other than the Bright Futures.

The student must be a high school student enrolled in grades summer before 9th grade is acceptable.


Steps to Follow The following steps are the process for documenting the community service experience. A list of possible community service experiences are listed below this form.

This list should not be considered all inclusive as there are many more ideas for service. Meet with the community service designee at the student's high school to review policies and procedures on the Student Community Service Information Sheet PCS form Contact the community agency for an interview to discuss the social issue and a plan of action to address the social issue.

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Complete form 1 PCS form after developing a detailed identification of the social problem and plan of action. Submit community service form 1 PCS form to the community service designee at the high school for approval.

Log community service hours on form 2 PCS form The agency contact person must sign this documentation. Summarize, evaluate, and reflect upon the community service work experience and the persons in the community that the student interacted with during this service work.

Submit this information to the high school community service designee by completing the reverse side of the community service form 2 PCS form All Community Service hours and paperwork must be completed, signed, and submitted to the school prior to graduation. What hours cannot be counted?

Court mandated community service. An activity for which a student benefited financially or materially for the community service work. All forms of duty within the family.

Bright futures scholarship essay requirements

The student's family to include: Any activity which can be interpreted primarily as proselytizing or religious devotion. An activity where there is no leader or responsible adult on site to evaluate and confirm student performance i. Donations, such as Locks of Love or giving blood.

Except for credit earned through service learning courses adopted pursuant to section An activity performed by a student prior to becoming a high school student or after the student's graduation date.Bright Futures Community Service.

Bright futures scholarship essay requirements

Community Service Requirements for the Florida Bright Futures Scholarships. - To be eligible to receive one of the Florida Bright Futures Scholarship Awards a student must complete a program of community service work that includes a "minimum" of hours.

The application gives the Florida Department of Education (FDOE) permission to evaluate the student’s high school transcript and standardized test scores for eligibility for a Bright Futures Scholarship and other state scholarships and grants.

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The different Bright Futures scholarship awards have slightly different academic eligibility requirements. Use this info to determine which scholarship award might be the best match for you.

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