Brand positioning and core values

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Brand positioning and core values

First some clarification may be needed of what we mean by brand positioning as even within the Marketing industry there is no standard definition. Brand positioning is the full view, often made up of component parts that include all of some of: What you need first is a good positioning territory or platformthat resonates with the target, is differentiating, credible to the brand and future-facing.

This is the broader space in which you want to position the brand e. There are many different ways to get to this space, but the safest route is through a consumer, cultural or category insight.

What is the insight to which the brand will respond? So as an example: I drink one beer at the end of the day as my reward for a day of hard work. Brands can use cultural Insight at this point to obtain a forward-facing view of the territory as well as understand how it looks today.

Cultural insight can include techniques such as semiotics to uncover the codes at play in this space, helping you to decide which your brand must adopt to be in the game, but also which you can break to be different.

Understanding the residual out of datedominant contemporary and emergent codes in a territory can help make sure that your brand positioning is built to last. Other people get as excited about the positioning territory as you do.

They get inspired by it and can immediately start to relate to it, or come up with ideas to bring it to life.

Your Brand’s Core Values: From Document To Embodiment Deriving your venture’s core values early on is essential to formulating a strong brand from within. Imagine your core values being displayed beautifully in your company’s lobby: Your team will see them every day and it . Taken together, our Purpose, Values and Principles are the foundation for P&G’s unique culture. Throughout our history of over years, our business has grown and changed while these elements have endured, and will continue to be passed down to generations of P&G people to come. Food With Integrity is Chipotle's commitment to responsibly raised animals, classic cooking techniques, whole ingredients, the environment, local produce.

They see it as a good fit to your brand, credible, as well as motivating. Those people may be your target consumers, but should also be your agencies.

Testing brand positioning with consumers can be difficult.

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So setting any research up correctly is important and getting the stimuli right is vital; the response will only ever be as good as what you test. Consider using music and imagery rather than just flat words on a page, try to evoke the feeling that the brand is trying to convey.

Writing it all up: Getting unanimous agreement to all words can be tricky. So a good tip is to bank a set of essential words that everyone agrees should sit at the heart of the brand positioning, then work these up into the different component parts.

A simple framework from which to build can be: It sits alongside the other elements of the positioning which convey a fuller understanding of each component part. The essence can be the hardest to nail down — three or four short words that need to say so much. Tackle this last therefore, and remember that even it should be supported by other parts of the positioning and never just used on its own.

Target Customers

Yes, if it really embodies everything that brand stands for. But be aware that should you want to alter the strap-line as a campaign changes this could limit you.

Brand positioning and core values

It is arguably safer to have a strap-line that really captures or builds off the essence and the rest of the positioning.holds a dominant position in the smoothie market. to Core Values goes right out the window as soon as work gets complicated. Managers begin looking for shortcuts to near-term brand that provides brilliantly designed, healthy and fashionable under its.

Effective brand messaging is essential – While the Tiffany gift box is an icon, it is not their brand – it is, however, a powerful brand messenger. The sight of that distinctive blue box immediately evokes thoughts of luxury, quality and even love.

How Smoothie King Franchisees Embody the Brand’s Core Values [Part 1] From our very inception, Smoothie King has set out to provide our guests with a product .

What drives us. INTEGRITY; Be honest and straightforward with each other; Be ethical in your words and actions. Brand values are rooted in the core of your business model. Your brand values create the moral compass of your business.

Brand positioning and core values

They help to define the culture of your business – . Defining Your Core brand values YOUR CORE VALUES ARE THE IMMUTABLE RULES THAT GUIDE EVERYTHING YOU DO.


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