Advantages of the automobile

Home Miscellaneous Benefits Of Automobiles Benefits Of AutomobilesHarri DanielComments Off on Benefits Of Automobiles Benefits of Automobiles Also known as a car and commonly used today, an automobile is a four wheeled vehicle that carries its own engine which is designed to carry six passengers the most as well as limited quantity of cargo. The same way people cannot do without the simplest of gadgets such as a cellular phone is the same way that an automobile is an important part of our lives which we cannot do without.

Advantages of the automobile

Fast transportation Keeps you out of the weather Attract the ladies Cons: Gas is expensive Polution Constant maintnance Share to: What are the advantages and disadvantages of a used car?

The main advantage of a used car is that you can buy it for a cheap price with minimum damage in it while the disadvantages of it is there is no guarantee that the used car wi…ll last in its condition and the warranty of that used car have been already lapsed.

Now days petrol car have less price and disel have high and price fluale is wise-wars a so used disel car its better option and now big auto mobile companies are open the multi brands used car store in this store you gate 1 year warranty so I would recommend used car Advantages and disadvantages of electric car?

If you are talking a pure electric you are range limited; you must live where you can install a charging station; the car will be advertised as nonpolluting, but that ignores …how the electricity is produced to charge the battery; the car is likely more costly, but subsidized by the government; it is quiet, but some think this makes it more dangerous; it may be cheaper to operate but may require 10 years to realize a savings given inflated up front costs.

There are various options to extend the range of the electric, but none are really good alternatives given current technology. People are not buying electric vehicles in large quantities, so likely the disadvantages outweigh the advantages for most people.

Hence, it certainly isn't the technology for the common person.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of cars

Advantages and disadvantages of car invention? Faster travel, safer travel, and a nice way to spice up the economy when times are hard. They are the worst investment that man ever made.

Advantages of the automobile

We will… put every cent we have into fixing, driving, for gas, or anything else it needs. And we completely trust our cars. But when they break down or anything like that you may even go almost bankrupt trying to get another one, especially if you're poor. Therefore that makes automobiles the worst investment on this planet.

All of this, is a matter of opinion, not proven fact. One disadvantage to cars is the deaths connected withcollisions.There are many advantages of automobile in our modern society because they can have transportations, impact on American society, and the way automobile change our life.

Transportations has great advantage for modern society, since the ’s it has made a great impact on society all over the world. One benefits from having cars whereas that causes several problems at the same time.

One of the most notable advantages of owning cars is that the car owners receive convenience and comfortable. I live in the countryside, and my community has only one train per an hour.

The Social Benefits and Costs of the Automobile Joel Schwartz Have ' we been forced into automobile dependen ce by an unholy alliance between carmakers, roadbuilders, and government planners?

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To sum up, cars have many advantages and disadvantges. However, we should use a car in the good way.

Advantages of the automobile

Also we should not use a car always try to use anothe . Oct 05,  · Having a car largely increases a family's mobility and flexibility.

Because of the possibility to commute the advantages of life on the countryside can still be enjoyed while being occupied in an urban region. This is also a part of the change in lifestyle made by the spreading of the automobile. Another advantage involved with auto transportation is the fact that it helps save money and time.

When you decide to drive your car you should be prepared to pay for the gas and keep in mind that it could be lots of gas especially if you are moving across the country.

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