A study on automotive technicians

Founding[ edit ] WyoTech was founded in as an automotive-themed school, offering programs in automotive repair. The first class in Laramie had 22 students, and its classes were housed in a 9, square foot building. At that point, there were two WyoTech campuses: One in Laramie, Wyomingand a facility being constructed in Blairsville, Pennsylvania.

A study on automotive technicians

Student aid originates from diverse sources, including industry associations, foundations, educators, and private sector players. General financial aid from the U. S Federal Government and individual state education departments can be applied to tuition costs and other automotive training expenses at accredited schools.

Automotive Industry Associations The Automotive Hall of Fame in Dearborn, Michigan serves as administrator for a number of annual automotive scholarships. Eligibility requires interest and aptitude in qualified automotive disciplines.

Scholarships are put-forth for incoming freshman and upper-level undergraduate students, but all candidates must maintain the 3. Work-Related Options Car-related companies are generous student aid benefactors.

Students enrolled in auto industry disciplines like automotive repair, collision repair, motorcycle mechanics, marine repair and NASCAR programs benefit from scholarships, grants and career development initiatives put forth by the foundation. These UTI student aid resources address a variety of schooling expenses: Funds can be used for school costs, relocation, and other education related expenses like rent and utilities.

A study on automotive technicians

Individual UTI campuses provide up to date information about specific programs. Engineering and design students at all collegiate levels are eligible for student aid that supports all aspects of the automotive field. Women benefit from these additional gender-specific scholarships.

Eligible applicants are reviewed based on scholastic achievement and financial need.

A study on automotive technicians

BMW of North America sponsors the scholarship program, which distributes money for tuition, proper tools, textbooks and other college fees. Eligible candidates are subject to driving records reviews, conducted by the scholarship selection committee. Specific award amounts are based on availability of funds.

Warren Memorial Scholarship is for El Dorado high school graduates who take part in the dual vocation program during high school.

The scholarship is renewable for students maintaining GPA and eligibility requirements.Similar to an automotive service technician, a career as a small engine mechanic involves inspection and maintenance. As a small engine mechanic, you will work on motorized power equipment and may.

At Central Georgia Technical College, we provide students with the training and education to become a successful automotive technician.

If you are ready to develop the skills necessary to work on today’s cars, Central Georgia Technical College is the place for your training and education. The Official ASE Study Guide of Automobile Tests is intended to help technicians study for the ASE certification rutadeltambor.com information in this booklet covers the technology found in most all of today’s automobiles, sport utility vehicles, and.

Similar to an automotive service technician, a career as a small engine mechanic involves inspection and maintenance. As a small engine mechanic, you will work on motorized power equipment and may. The instruction, course of study, facilities, and equipment of the automotive technology program have been evaluated by the National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation (NATEF) and meet the standards of quality for the training of automotive technicians in the following areas.

Diploma Program. If you are challenged by the theories and applications of today’s automobiles, the Automotive Technology Diploma program offered by Delaware Tech will give you the opportunity to acquire the necessary skills that will lead to employment in this innovative and changing industry.

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